International Sourcing

International sourcing can be seen as daunting, – customs, taxes, forwarding agents, different languages and currencies, but it need not be. Pavilion has developed a sound supply partner base worldwide in different product categories to provide new, bespoke and exclusive products. We manage the complete production process from idea, sampling, production, freight, customs and final delivery destination anywhere in the world. This need not be a complex issue when guided by experts and there is no reason not to capture the savings of international sourcing.

Case Studies

Our Services

Bespoke Promotional

When you have a great marketing idea, Pavilion can help you create the perfect product ...

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Standard Promotional

If you have a promotional product requirement, Pavilion can help ...

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Print Collateral

The right printed collateral for your organisation can set the tone for everything you want to say ...

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Direct Mail

Pavilion can deliver the complete direct marketing solution best suited to your business...

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