The 1966 World Cup Replica

Pavilion became involved with Hotel Football because the Hotel is closely associated with the National Football Museum - both being based in Manchester. Pavilion worked closely with the NFM when it decided to produce an exact replica of the 1966 World Cup ball to sell in its store. This was an unusual product because the panelling structure was discontinued some years ago and the colour of the leather ball is surprisingly 'orange'. Sourcing manufacturers for this type of specialist project is what we do.

Hotel Football

Hotel Football is decorated with an array of football memorabilia, and as well as the web site, there is an on-site shop selling branded football merchandise. The aim is to create not only a memorable visit or match day experience but to have products which would provide a reminder of that experience. Using promotional items in this way, to provide that reminder of an event or special day, and therefore by association the brand is powerful.

When looking for merchandise for the shop Pavilion were recommended by the NFM and came up with a number of products – not just balls. The site sells a number of football related products although the most popular are the sports bottles and key rings. The combination of products meant sourcing from directly China, India as well UK manufacturers.

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