The Brand and Consistency

Essential to any consumer brand is the ability to convey the personality of the brand - consistently.

Lucozade achieves this by the constant association with health and sport and keeping a consistency in the quality of promotional products as well as the colour and the logo. Pavilion is proud to have worked with Lucozade on multiple projects over many years via various agencies and events companies. The range of products is huge – running tops, sweat bands, wrist bands, shoe laces , draw string bags and lanyards to name but a few. Here is where the challenge lies. Many different products, made with different materials – some dyed, some printed – each with a logo created with many different technologies – some printed, some embroidered. For Pavilion the issue is uniformity over time, over different products and decoration techniques. The important thing for us is ensuring that the brand is portrayed with care and consistency – because ‘Your Brand Matters’


The Brand and Sport

The association with sport for the brand Lucozade Sport may seem obvious. But it was not always so. Lucozade as a brand started in 1927 and for many years was a drink associated as a ‘pick me up’ and was used extensively throughout hospital wards and even prescribed in pharmacies. Moving the Lucozade name away from this to become a brand associated with energy, sport, hydration and performance was not just the simple case of adding a sports isotonic drink to the range.

The brand has developed a deep association through advertising and through sponsorship of sports events. But the association has been carefully orchestrated. Lucozade has not chosen any and all sports – but rather two, football and in particular 5-a-side football (Power League) and the gym and running – (Marathon and Tough Mudder). The lesson here is that brand association works best when it is specific and relevant – decide on the brand values and the brand’s ‘story’, and then if sport is relevant, choose the particular sport. The sport that matches.

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