How to Choose Your Rugby Ball

The differences between the various types of ball fall into three characteristics. Firstly, the size, meaning the length of the ball when it is inflated.

Second thing to consider is the material the ball is made from – the differences are between those balls intended for use in a match or training and those balls used merely for promotional use – often appearing identical but not able to suffer the stresses of an actual match.

The third thing to think about is what kind of filling you want in the ball. Do you want ones you can pump up like a standard ball, or would you like something softer with a cotton filling?

We've written an informative guide about all your options regarding skin types and the size guides of the balls. Read it in full.

Customisation Options

Regarding a lot of the balls that we do, you have a full creative control. What this means is that for the below balls, you can customise all four panels of the ball. We have some artwork to add to the ball if you would like, but the ball design is really totally up to you. If you would like the logo on all four panels, you can, if you would like a website address on one panel, you can do that too. The balls can be coloured, and each decoration can be pantone matched. This creates a huge number of unique design, and allows you to have a perfect ball for your campaign.

The vintage ball is the same as every other ball, allowing you to customise where you like, but of course the surface is a brown. Therefore, we recommend you have a single colour logo on it, preferably in a black or a gold.

If you would like to download a blank template, you can do so by clicking on the file below, and email is to us with your enquiry. Our design team will then see if we can replicate your design.


Other Products

There are other balls where the full customisation options do not apply. We are able to supply Gilbert rugby balls, which although allows you to have your company name next to that of the sporting giant, you can only cusotmise two sides of the ball. The other two are taken up by the Gilbert ball. You can also customise the colours of the ball.

The stress balls are also slightly different in their design. You can customise each panel on a stress ball, but artwork cannot be done on the ends of the ball, so you can only choose to customise the logo, which will be placed in the centre of the ball.

All of the other products we have on our website, we can customise, but they all have their limitations. If you contact us, one of our team will be more than happy to help you create the product you want.

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