1. BPMA Data

Survey results show that popularity and effectiveness are two different things, and that the industry is saturated with more people giving away the same things. We've dedicated a whole page to it on our website here, so have a read of the data for yourselves and see what our conclusions are.

2. Stale Look

Since people started giving out promotional products, they have always given out the same desk items. Since every industry is evolving, why do people seem so focused on the likes of pens?  It's likely you too have been giving out the very basic desk items everyone else thinks about giving out.  You need to refresh your brand in order to recapture your audience's attention. If you start handing out something different to what you normally do, then people are going to start to look at you in more detail, particularly if these new promotional products are unique and interesting.

3. Keep Ahead of the Competition

You always want to be better than your competing brands. You need to be better in quality, customer service and your marketing efforts need to be just as good. Promotional products should be no exception. If you are looking for that edge, then you need to find something better than your competitors in this department as well.

4. People are more creative

Business has evolved from grey people in grey buildings in grey suits to the colourful, diverse, creative people they are today. Offices are not as formal as they once were, and the same goes with work. Whilst the boring promotional products may have gained the interest of the boring people, you need something truly spectacular to capture the attention of the creative people. What's going to impress them more? A mouse pad or a branded mini American football?



5. People love the unsual and the unique.

We've talked about how people are more creative, but even if you're targeting a demographic that you might not associate with creativity, the one thing people notice is something different. If you re going to stand out, you need something unique and unusual to be immediately recognisable and truly memorable. Think of the most unusual adverts you've ever seen on TV. You can immediately remember the brand. A perfect example of this is a gorilla playing the drums to Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight". Anyone who's seen that advert can automatically recall that unusually talented ape with Cadbury's Chocolate - this is depsite the fact the clip has absolutely nothing to do with chocolate.

6. Connecting more with your audience.

With the likes of promotional sports products, you are connecting with them on a level that is not just work related (like a pen) but with their hobbies. People love sport, and by starting a relationship on a much more personal level is nothing but beneficial. Talk to any sales person and they say the key to making those long term partnerships is by connecting with them on more of a personal level than on one that always has a desk between you.

7. A chance to associate your brand with something different.

Changing up your promo products can make a difference to the outlook of your brand. By switching up your marketing strategy and choosing sports promotional products, you can change your brand so that you are associated with a concept as celebratory, unifying and as positive as sport. We've written a whole other blog piece about the benefits of that, and you can read the whole thing here.

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