In the summer of 2018, countries around the world will unite and stand side by side as one of the world’s largest sporting events is returning.

Already the most anticipated event of 2018, the excitement for the World Cup has already rocketed due to the draw that happened in early December. England have been drawn in the same group as Belgium, Panama and Tunisia. This means that from this point onwards, the only thing that is on people’s minds is the upcoming tournament, and it should be on your minds too.

Download the calendar and tournament tree for the World Cup here.

With everyone focused on a singular event, this makes it an opportune time for companies to exceed their brand’s potential, using football as their centrepiece for success. This window is small but capitalisation on this event will help you to launch your brand further than you thought possible.

When people look for companies to work with, they look at more than monetary values. They look at someone who is innovative, unique, and people they can put their trust in. Don’t play it safe this tournament, play for the extraordinary.

Here's what you need to do this tournament

  • Launch a specific campaign with the start and end dates of the tournament in mind.
  • Offer reductions or provide new services/products during this period.
  • Try and make your work around a footballing theme - for example, 30% off all football posters
  • Share footballing content over social media.
  • Internal marketing: run an office sweepstake or fantasy league and share online.
  • Run a competition, with a reward being along a footballing theme.

Dedicate some real time into thinking about the marketing, the matterials you'll need, but also the promotional products. Remember, these are the items that are going to be held onto for longest, so do not consider it as trivial.

It’s time to go big, and you need something that not only fits in your budget, but something that people remember. Pens don’t cut it anymore. Yes, people always need pens and it’s nice for people to carry around something with your name on it, but does it actually convince them to come to you as a customer? Explore your options, understand your target audience, but also remember to remain within your marketing theme. There's no point handing out a mug with your company's name on it if in two months noone will be able to tell from which marketing campaign it came from.

From June 14th, people all over the world will become obsessed with the games that are on television, and the final will draw in a huge crowd, possibly exceeding last tournament's figure of over 1 billion viewers, 20 million of those from the UK.

Don’t let this become a chance you missed out on. Make this year the one you led your brand to a success you never thought possible.

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