It's time for the FIFA World Cup, and the first match of the tournmament is less than a few moments away. We love all kinds of sport here at Pavilion. You can see each of our preferences on our About Us page. This tournament though is something very special to any football and any other sports fan. Everyone has a particular memory of the World Cup that stands out in their mind, and here are ours.

David - Director

"My favourite moment has to be Gordon Banks' save against Pele's header". Known as one of the greatest goalkeeping saves of all time, England were playing against Brazil in 1970. Banks was having an outstanding game, but the moment everyone remembers from that game was his incredible save against the best player in the world at the time: Pele. "It was just the expression on his face. He couldn't believe it hadn't gone in." Fresh after the 1966 triumph we might forever have to refer back to, this was a time when people still believed in England, and this save was proof of our footballing greatness.

Watch the iconic save.

Craig - Head of Sales

"My favourite memory has to be that of David Platt scoring against Belgium". This goal he refers to is that of the former England captain at the Italian tournament in 1990. The goal put us through to the quarter-finals of the World Cup. "It was the way that the ball dropped over his shoulder and he was still able to hit it with such precision. It made me leap out of seat screaming. It must have happened in the last seconds of the game. We couldn't stop celebrating."

Watch the iconic goal from David Platt.

Sam - Marketing Executive

"For me, I have two memories that really come to mind, although technically one was in the qualifiers. One of my favourite ever goals had to be Joe Cole's against Sweden in 2006". After a failed attack from the England team, the Swedish defense heads the ball out to where Joe Cole stood about 35 yards out, and after chesting the ball, volleys it perfectly into the top corner. The loop seemed to take forever, and 999 times out of 1000, there would have been no chance of a goal, but this is the World Cup; this is were the impossible becomes real.

Watch Joe Cole's stunner.

"The second one has to be Beckham's free kick against Greece to send us into the 2002 World Cup. This was going to be the first World Cup I would truly remember, and that moment really is one of the few memories I know I won't forget until I die, and maybe a few more days after that". England were playing Greece in the World Cup qualifiers, and did not look like they were about to get into the tournament. A draw was all that was required and Greece were ahead. The moment of the game came in the dying breaths of the match, and the villain of the 1998 World Cup stood up to strike the ball. "There's no way to explain the aftermath of that goal."

Watch Beckham's famous free-kick

Will - Office Assistant

"My favourite memory had to be from the latest World Cup in 2014, when Brazil lost 7-1". This famous game has become one of the most incredible things to happen in World Cup history. The hosts of the tournament were Brazil, and had scraped through previous rounds from some controversial refereeing decisions and lack-luster performances. This stopped when they came to face Germany. "I was watching it live on my computer" said Will, "and my connection went down for about five minutes. You won't believe which five minutes". Germany's win was even more impressive as the goals came in the 11th, 23rd, 24th, 26th, 29th, 69th and 79th, having them up by 7-0 before Brazil managed to get one in the 90th minute. Unfortunately for Will, his internet connection had gone down on the 22nd minute. "When it finally came back on I was convinced that the score reader thing was wrong."

Watch all the goals of this truly unforgettable game.

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