What is Pavilion Earth?

Pavilion Earth is a new venture for our brand. The biggest issue facing our lives is climate change, and even if we can hep you make the small changes to your marketing strategy by using environmentally friendly promotional products, then here's hoping we can all influence others to lower their carbon footprint.

From eco friendly promotional pens to recycled notebooks, biodegradable bags to eco friendly caps, if sport is not the ideal medium for your marketing campaign, then look towards getting some environmentally friendly promotional products.

Want to See Pavilion Earth?

Carbon Offsetting and Pavilion Promotional.

The launch of Pavilion Earth will not affect the operations of Pavilion Promotional at all. We are working as hard as before, dedicated to bringing you the best in promotional sports products, and we will continue to do so. However, we are launching a new green initiative. Whilst building our Pavilion Earth brand, we realised we could be doing more on the sports side of the office.

As of now, you can now offset the carbon footprint of any order you place with Pavilion Promotional. What this means is that you can add an extra amount to your order (approximately £4 for an order of 1000 caps - so really not that much - about 0.2% of the whole order cost) and your money can go to an accredited organisation that will offset the carbon dioxide produced in the transporting of your order.

When you do this, you'll even get a great certificate from these organisations letting you know how you are helping the planet - great for your brand image.

All you need to do is ask a member of our team about Carbon Offsetting your order and we will be happy to oblige.

Learn more about Carbon Offsetting here: https://www.pavilionearth.co.uk/our-pledge


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