It's the time of the year when the leaves turn a crispy brown and the coats emerge from the wardrobes. The change in season usually means a new marketing campaign what with the change in climate, Halloween, and the memories of sun and longer evenings fading into the distance. To accompany your new marketing efforts and coming campaigns, here is what our team recommends for the next season.


"For me, the start of Autumn is the beginning of the Premier League season. That means for me, the best promotonal sports products are the mini footballs. Attractive, cost-effective and able to send a powerful message."


"The best items I think to have this Autumn are the some of our stress rugby balls. People are returning to the office from their holidays away, and with those memories still in mind, it's easy to let everything get on top of you. These small items attract those rugby fans, but help people release a little but of that tension that they have kept up inside of them. I know I'd like one."


"I'm just off the summer having tuned in to the Roland Garros, Wimbledon, and now watching highlights of the US Open when I can. The season for tennis is over, but that means anything tennis related would certainly hit the right tone with me. I'd choose the tennis stress balls for my sports promotional product of the Autumn."


"For me, nothing is better than having a run in the brisk cool air - it's just not the same in the summer months. That means for me, the best thing to get is a new sports bottle. It's cost-effective, has great brand exposure, and it the absolute best thing that I would need."

SAM in Marketing

"All the great sports seasons start up again, football, rugby, but most importantly is American football. We've gone since February and the superbowl with hardly any of the sport except for the draft. Pre-season has begun, but with the new season right around the corner, every fan of teh NFL and college football, like me, will be drawn to anything related to the game. There are two best times of the year for bespoke american footballs. Once is the around the superbowl. The second is now."


"I like planning ahead, and already I'm looking towards Christmas. I'm early, I know. With Christmas comes the office parties, and the best item to hand out is most definitely the custom mini rugby balls we do. I remember when we did a lot for MyBarrister and they went down a real treat."


"I think this season, what would the largest impression on me is a nice big jacket. I spend a lot of time outside, and of course it being summer, I didn't shop for one. If I need a jacket right now, I know other people will. A branded jacket would be the absolute best thing, and I know I'd wear it everywhere. That can only be good for marketing."


"My promotional product of Autumn has to be the golf umbrella. My friends and I golf rain or shine, summer or winter. That means now the rain is on its way, a branded golf umbrella would be the absolute necessity amongst my friends and I."

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