Everyone looks forward to the office Christmas parties, and it's a perfect time to reward your staff with some promotional gifts to show your appreciation for the hard work they've done. It's a time to send those lovely premium gifts to the clients as a real thank you for sticking with you for another year, or even as a way to help them think carefully about who to go to for work in the New Year. Here is what our team recommends you buy.


"When it comes to the Christmas gifts for your staff, I think something small works better than something big. The mini rugby balls work best for me. With the Rugby World Cup happening next year too, lots of people are re-discovering their love for the game."


"I'm a salesman, and I always want to maintain a good relationship with my clients. That means my priority is rewarding some of our larger clients for all the work they've sent our way over the year. My choice would therefore be the vintage footballs. Not only do they look really good, but it's a nice throwback to the FIFA World Cup we had this year."


"Well, it's winter, and already the temperature is dropping, so if I had to pick something, they would be the beanies or the scarves. It's a product that works great for your staff, clients, and even the regular consumer on the street, a way of tempting them into your store and spend lots of money before Christmas. It would work on me anyway."


"There is always one thing needed at Christmas, and I think that has to be a sports bag. Hear me out. We need encouragement to start working out during the colder months, new gear might inspire people to start going to the gym in January, and what with going back and forth from friends' gatherings and family events, there is a lot of overnight stays. I could really do with a new bag."

SAM in Marketing

"I hate Christmas. I really do. I wear a Grinch t-shirt on Christmas Day. But, if I had to pick some gifts to hand out to consumers, I would likely pick the socks. Everyone needs socks this time of year."


"I love Christmas. For me, I'd want the bicycle repair kit. It's small but is an absolute dream to cyclists."


"I'll be too busy hibernating under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate."


"The aluminium bottle, for sure. If I'm heading outside, then I want a warm drink, and a lot of tea keeping all nice and warm is what I need."


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