Choosing a Promotional Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the USA, along with football and baseball, with a huge following. Whilst the UK has a growing fan base it has yet to see the dizzy heights of the USA. Nevertheless, there a number of US companies in the UK and the sponsorship opportunities are available for much lower cost. So – a basketball as a giveaway – well here's some things you should know.

These are the Worst Promotional Products

Our team went out for drinks, and unable to avoid the topic of work, a few of us decided to chat about just the worst promotional products that ever come to existence. As a company who makes just fun and interesting products, we think we know what we're talking about.

What is the UEFA Nations League?

Much like us, you'll have heard about the international tournament called the UEFA Nations League over the weekend, but have absolutely no idea what it's about. Here's what we could make of it, try and make it a little easier to understand, for our own benefit as much as everyone else's.

How to Choose the Material for Your Promotional Sports Bottle

Arguably one of the most effective promotional items out there has to be the branded sports bottle. With it being used in almost every sport, it can used in so many different types of campaigns and with these being taken to work, the gym and everywhere else, the brand exposure is huge. Here's how to choose the perfect material for your promotional bottle.

Pavilion's Autumn Recommendations

September is now upon us, and so here are our suggestions for the best promotional products to get this Autumn for your next marketing campaign.

7 Reasons to Re-Evaluate Your Promotional Products

Are you just starting to think about promotional products, or are you looking to improve your brand's identity? We've come up with seven reasons to have a look at your work and consider why you should change your future marketing strategies to generate more interest and a better ROI.

Which Sport Should Your Brand be Associated With?

It's a great marketing idea to have your brand associated with the likes of sport and healthy living. Your brand will be looked at more fondly and will be recognised as a brand of unity and teamwork. The next choice is though which sport to align yourself with.

Why You Should Make Sales Pitches on the Golf Course

A vast number of people spend their time on the golf course for their business meetings, and some may ask just quite why people do this. Are there any actual benefits, or are they just making excuses to stay away from their desk?