Why You Should Buy from a Promo Product Specialist - Part One

This is the first part in a series of posts as to why we believe it is an essential to buy from a promotional product specialist. This first post talks about what's most important in promo gifts, and that is quality. Keep an eye on for our other upcoming posts about language and culture & credit.

The Power of the Marketing Mix

The marketing mix is the foundation stone for every marketing effort. By following these guidelines, you can unleash your potential as a organisation. Let these simple steps help guide you towards a more meaningful marketing strategy.

Market Segmentation and Promotional Products

What is marketing segmentation? Can you tell the difference between concentrated and differentiated marketing? What is the best way to approach your audience and what would the best promotional sports products be?

What is a Brand?

What is a brand? It is not a company, not the name of the organisation. It is not the logo. A brand is the personality, the people that make up your organisation and the reputation you build.

How to Use Promotional Products Effectively

Promotional gifts are a proven success in a marketing strategy, but there is a science to it. Here is the guide to how to use promotional products in order to not only promote your business, but to actually generate sales.

How Giving Out the Wrong Promo Gifts Can Ruin Your Sale, and Your Brand

Are you giving out the wrong type of promotional product? We recently got some and it got us chatting about whether choosing the wrong gift could not only bring a sale to a halt, but actually ruin the image of your brand entirely.

Staying Environmentally Friendly With Promo Products

It's important not just as a brand, but as a human, to stay as environmentally friendly as possible and minimise the damage we are going to cause to our planet. Here are our tips for staying as "green" as possible when it comes to the promotional products industry.

How to Choose Your Promotional Bag

The bag is a perfect promotional tool, as it's an item used and carried everywhere, helping your brand exposure as much as possible. However, in order to do this, you need the bag to be the right one. So, here is our small guide to picking the perfect type of bag for your campaign.