Our Team's Choices

Men's Cycle Shirt

"I am out on the bike cycling every weekend with my friends. We pass by so many people, and we really take notice to what the other people are wearing. It's a great opportunity to promote your yourselves this way if your company appeals to cyclists like us."

David - Director

Customised Golf Balls

"I love to do business on the course, as it gives me plenty of time to try and make a sale in a relaxed environment. However, at the end of the day, I feel it's nice to add something so that they really do remember our business.  Even something like customised golf balls turns out to be really effective."

Craig - Head of Sales

Tennis Balls

"Being a tennis fan, there is nothing that catches my eyes quicker than anything related to the sport. I love them, and even have a ball in my desk right now. My one has Slazenger written on it, but having one with another logo on it, any logo, I would most certainly love that company a little bit more."

Sarah - Finance Associate

Vintage Footballs

"Now, there is nothing I think that is classier than some of the vintage footballs we do. There is nothing I would prefer to have as a centrepiece on an office table or to place in a little glass box. I would show that thing off to everyone I ever met"

Andrew - Accounts Manager

American Football

"I'm the only one in the office that likes American football, and I have a couple at home. It's one of those objects, no matter who you are, you have to pick up and have a look at. It's about as eye-catching as anything, and is always a conversation starter."

Sam - Marketing Executive

Sports Bottles

"I don't really have a favourite sport, but I do a lot of things. I swim and I hike amongst other things. That means there are two things that I always make sure I have are both a sports bag, but of course my top item suggestion has to a sports bottle. I take them everywhere. That's can be nothing but great for brand exposure, right?"

Sam - HR

Mini Rugby Balls

"I'm not a rugby fan at all, but I love the little rugby balls. I think they are so cool and so unique. If I like them this much and I don't even like the sport, I have no idea how much the rugby fans would love them."

Beth - Marketing Assistant

Football Key Ring

"When Pavilion went to the Marketing Expo earlier this year, they gave out so many of these to people. They went down so well according to the people on the stand, but the moment I saw one, I knew I had to have one, and isn't that the kind of reaction that you'd want from a promotional product?"

Will - Office Assistant

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