Connecting with them on a Personal Level

Any salesman will tell you that making a level of personal connection with a client is a key element of closing that sale. The simple rule is that if you are liked by that person then they're more likely to buy from you, even if it costs a little more, because they like and trust you. The same rule should apply when looking for the ideal promotional gifts. Everyone might like a pen, but imagine how much more a rugby fan might like receiving a customised mini rugby ball. Even understading their likes is going to bring you closer to connecting to your clients and making those sales.

They are Attractive

The one main factor that people feel as a necessity for promotional products is the fact that these products are to be useful. This is backed up by data from the BPMA. Some people take this very literally, buying promotional gifts that their clients can physically use on a day-to-day basis. The truth is you just want something that is picked up and played with. An attractive item like a mini football is bound to attract a positive response. There is one thing though; a more distinctive gift like this is likely to picked up by more than one person. A personalised pen will be used by only the receiver but anyone who walks by a desk with a personalised set of golf balls is much more likely to stop and take a look as well.


Something to be Kept for Longer

If you are giving someone a product that they'll like, something unusual, then they are more likely to hang onto it and keep it with them wherever they go, even if they move onto another job. When buying cheap and particularly boring gifts then they are much more likely to be left out of sight, thrown in the bin, or just left in a drawer until the next person sits at their desk and decides to clean them out. What you want is something to be used and remembered. When you get a promotional gift that strikes a real chord with someone, then they are going to take it with them, they are going to take it home, post pictures of it on social media and show their friends and colleagues. That's the kind of brand exposure you want.

They are Unique and Identifiable

You can be like the 60% of businesses that hand out pens or something just as generic, or you can make a real impression with something very different. Your name and your gift is always going to be remembered. I have received about half a million promotional pens in my life (slight exaggeration). Most of them go in the bin, the others I cannot remember what they do as a business. However, should someone give me something truly memorable, something different compared to everyone else, then you bet I'm going to remember exactly who they are, what they do, and what gift they gave me long after I accidentally left that item somewhere. As a company you want to stand out from the crowd, stand ahead of the competition, and you cannot do that by giving out the ordinary.


It Gives off a Positive Image About Your Brand

Associating yourself with sport is a sure-fire success. One of these reasons is becasue that sport is such a positive thing, combining the key elements in business like unity, teamwork and effort. What you do by aligning yourself with sport is the idea that your brand is about healthy living, about fitness, and there are zero negatives to doing this. You can read a bit more about this on another blog piece of ours by clicking here to read about which sport you should associate your brand with.

There is Always a Theme for a Marketing Campaign

If you are running a campaign in the winter, around Valentines day, Halloween or whenever, there is always a sporting event in the year happening so you can relate your promotional products to your marketing campaign. For instance, during the recent FIFA World Cup, then you could be giving away football key rings. With the likes of the British Open, Roland Garros, Ryder Cup, Premier League, Superbowl, Rugby 7s, Hockey World Cup, there is an infinite amount of choice for you. If you want to keep your eyes out for upcoming events, then check our sports calendar, which is regularly updated with some of the best and most prestigious tournaments.

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