The Beginner's Guide to Rugby

Confused by the rules of the game? Rugby World Cup almost on us. Here is the beginner's guide to understanding some of the more basic rules of the great game of rugby.

The Rugby World Cup Format and Likely Winners

Every four years, the Rugby World Cup captivates millions of fans worldwide with its thrilling matches, intense rivalries, and displays of skill and strength. The 2023 version of the tournament is in France allowing UK fans the opportunity of attending games or at least TV watching on our time zone.

Is Sport Still a Good Place to Promote Your Brand?

Businesses are constantly seeking new and effective ways to promote their brand. One avenue that has stood the test of time is sports sponsorship and corporate entertaining at sports events.

How to choose a promotional football with logo

Advice on choosing a promotional football with logo

Why You Should Buy From a Promo Product Specialist - Part Three

It's so, so important to buy from a specialist in promotional products. We've already covered the problems you can face with quality and communication, but there is another step. This third part in our series is about culture and credit.

Why You Should Buy From a Promo Product Specialist - Part Two

This is a second part in a series of posts detailing just how important it is to come to a promotional product specialist when buying these types of gifts. We covered how quality cannot always be trusted. Now, we discuss the importance of language.

Why You Should Buy from a Promo Product Specialist - Part One

This is the first part in a series of posts as to why we believe it is an essential to buy from a promotional product specialist. This first post talks about what's most important in promo gifts, and that is quality. Keep an eye on for our other upcoming posts about language and culture & credit.

2023 Sporting Calendar

Time to look at the sports Calendar for 2023

Highlight being the Womens Football World Cup in July and the Rugby World Cup in September - this time played in France