There's something I want that isn't on your website. Is this all you do?

The one goal we wanted to achieve with this website was to avoid the typical catalogue look that you see with so many other websites out there. That means that we have not got everything we do on our site. We specialise in all sorts of sporting merchandise, so if there is something that you do not see, get in touch and ask us about it.

What's your minimum order quantity?

It really depends on the product. Our footballs for instance start at 25, whilst our baseballs start from 500. There really is a huge range, so if it is not listed on the page, ask us.

Why do you value quality over cheap costs?

We could produce the cheapest products on the market, but we choose not to. One of the reasons is that in the BPMA's study, the biggest complaint that the marketers had was that lack of quality, and the majority said that they would prefer to spend good money on a more memorable and high quality product. The next thing is that we want to be proud of the work we make. We sample each ball and product before we put it on the website, making sure the American footballs spin in a perfect spiral when thrown and that the the custom t-shirts do not fall apart with a drop of sweat. The one thing you can promise when shopping with Pavilion is that you will be happy with the final product, as will your customers.

What are my branding limitations?

We can print a lot of things. However, it's important to remember that printing onto a ball or bag is very different to printing on paper. A logo with simple shapes and block colours is going to be a lot easier to print than something with gradients and shading. We will let you know if the logo you send us will cost a little extra before we start printing.If you have a simple version of your logo, send it across as well and we can let you know which might be easier to print. If you are in doubt, email us and we'll let you know. In the meantime, read our blog piece about vector vs. raster images.

What are the lead times on products?

It really depends on the product. Tennis balls for instance can be turned around in about 7-10 working days but our rugby balls and footballs will arrive in four weeks. Make sure to plan well ahead of your next marketing campaign.

Are you based in the UK?

Yes we are. We have an office in Basingstoke and a couple of us work part time from home as well all over the UK, so if you want to meet one of us and go through some of our products, we'd be happy to drop by. Some of the merchandise we make though is produced overseas, so leave plenty of time for the products to get to you as lead time varies.

Are promotional products a good investment?

Absolutely they are. Here's our blog piece on whether promotional products workThere are a lot of pieces on our blog section that talk about promotional products, which ones you might want to get and some top ideas on how to use them. If you have any queries, have a read of some of our content.

Are you on social media?

Yes we are. Here are our social media accounts on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn. You can contact us on any of these, or email us.

Can I be a guest blogger on your website?

Yes you can. We love to read the content you share. If you would like to send a piece in, address your email to Sam. The content you write must be original - that means it cannot feature anywhere else online. If you want to come to us with an idea before you start writing, you can do that too. Remember though, that just because you send something to us does not mean it will go online. We will check to see whether or not we think its suitable.

I’ve worked with Pavilion for over 10 years, throughout this time we’ve worked on various small format jobs and large national promotions. Their ability to meet deadlines, provide quality and added value to each project is unparalleled in my experience.

Dan Parr

Designer and Director

MH Graphics (Brands- Jet Petrol and NFU Mutual)


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