1) Sponsoring a Sports Team

Now, this is something that would be pretty unique to our speciality, promotional sports merchandise, but the idea is certainly transferable. Look at local businesses or sports teams, and offer to contribute to them in the way of team kits or even promotional footballs. Whilst they get the equipment they want, you can have your name across the front; your brand will be displayed everywhere, enabling you to reach a whole new demographic, and potentially some very valued new customers.

2) Rewards for Clients

One thing that will not only get customers, but will also retain the ones you have is from treating them with branded merchandise. This may be something small such as pens, but it's not wrong to think bigger. For instance, if you are a recruitment agency, reward the employer who came to you with a gift - it's memorable and it'll inspire them to come back to you rather than anyone else.

3) Internal Incentives

Your customers love free stuff, but so does your staff. A successful company is one that truly values and rewards its employees. What better was to inspire them to work harder than knowing the best salesman or the employee of the month will receive a branded rugby ball?

4) Company Sponsored Events

These kind of events are a great way to make realtionships with people, whether its a gala  or a golf day. When the handshakes are done and the sales talks are all concluded, you want them to remember not just who you are, but the joy of that day. A goody bag is what's needed, something that will keep them reminded of such a good event and the people they met. If you want advice on how to perfect an event, here are the 7 keys to successful corporate sports hospitality.

5) Give them to Employees to Wear

Whether it's on the shop floor or out and about, help your staff feel like more of a team with a united uniform. Promotional clothing is an ideal option as it gets your brand out in sight of people and works great as a way to identify your staff in trade shows.

6) To Close Deals

Remind your customers why you are better than the competition. Show your dedication to them with a small token of appreciation, the perfect branded merchandise.

7) Promotional Giveaways at Trade Shows

When you don't have a huge amount of time to dedicate to your sales pitch, the best way to retain your target's attention is with a little reminder, something to immediately recognise you and what you do, even if it's as something as small as key rings.

8) Building Brand Loyalty

One of the strong benefits of continually giving away gifts will be the building of brand loyalty, but also brand appreciation. The same way you might want to promote any charity work you might do, promote your giving away gifts. People will post on social media, and it's a great way to share what you do, and how you value your customers.

9) Competition Rewards

Everyone wants to win that chocolate giveaway you've planned for your Easter competition, and whilst an audience is gained with the opportunity to win something, you want to keep their attention in the long run. The way to keep the participants loyal to your brand, and a way of building brand awareness, is that the chocolate prize is accompanied with a promotional product with your own logo.

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