French Open

In late May, eyes of the tennis world will be looking to France. The tension for Wimbledon is already building, and this is the last chance these competitors will get to battle it out before heading to London. Tennis fever will be at fever pitch come July, but this is where it all begins.

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NBA Finals

The NBA Finals, the final few games that settle on the season's winner. The conference champions from both the east and west play in the 7-game series. Intense, high energy, and watched by over 20 million people on average in 2017, any promotional campaign that combines with these last few games is definitely going to grab people's attention.

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US Women's Open

The golfing fans of America are heading to Shoal Creek in Alabama for one hell of a show. Any fan of golf will be looking for memorabilia or to showcase their adoration for the incredible sport. From golf balls to bags, tees and more, any marketing campaign can be perfectly accompanied by the perfect promotional gift, no matter the budget.

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US Men's Open

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in Southampton, New York, is going to be the proud hosts of this year's US Open. With over 27.25 million people in the US watching this tournament in 2017, any promotional campaign that embraces a competition like this is going to make a real difference to their brand, bringing in very many dedicated customers. Time to sink that last putt, and make your marketing campaign an easy win.

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2018 FIFA World Cup

Every four years, football fans around the world gather to watch this incredible tournament. A summer of celebration and heartbreak, there is nothing that compares to the World Cup. With 3.2 billion people tuning in for this momentous event in 2014, and with over one billion people watching the final (20 million of them from the UK), the attention of everyone is focused on the football.

Everywhere will be hosting themed publications and events, now is the time for yours.

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What sums up Wimbledon better than relaxing in the sun with strawberries, a glass of champagne, and the electrifying tension on each and every court? With over 493,900 people attending the tournament over 13 days in 2016, it made this tournament the most attended sporting event in the UK that year.

Time to serve up an absolute ace of a marketing campaign.

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Le Tour de France

Le Tour de France is the largest attended annual sporting event on the planet, with 2.6 billion people either tuning in on their TV or watching the cyclists race by in real life. Cyclists and sporting fans watch these teams race up inclines, and take to the road themselves. The summer is completely full of people on country roads; pubs have three times as many bicycles parked up outside.

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The British Open

With over 173,000 people attending the British Open in 2014, these 8 days are an incredible spectacle, with golfing fans from all over the country feverishly keeping an eye on the leader board, taking to the course that weekend no matter what the weather forecast might say. People not sure on the sport tune in and see what the fuss is about and are captured by the game’s magic.

With your good work and your own promotional items, they’ll be captured by your magic too.

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