2018 had the FIFA World Cup, an event that captured the attention of the whole country and united them in a way that was unimaginable. Businesses flocked to the game of football and used it to promote their brand, from the smaller companies to the largest brands in the world. The sight of any football related marketing got so much more interest. This effect is the same for so many other competitions, and coming in 2019, here are the best events that we recommend you look toward to. Get your thinking caps on and plan those marketing campaigns now.

6 Nations: February 1st - March 16th

This truly will be the year of rugby what with the upcoming rugby world cup. Get the crowd excited now and start associating your brand now with rugby to make a larger effect later in the year. All eyes will be on this tournament as fans old and new will be eyeing up the forms of their teams.

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Superbowl LIII: February 3rd

The success of the NFL in the UK is more than obvious. Three games played in London this year and already an increase to four for 2019. With so many people loving the game (we even went to a match), one event to look forward to is the Superbowl. The NFL season is just past it's halfway point before the play-offs , so now is the time to develop your marketing campaign and become associated with an international sport like American football.

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The Masters: April 11th - 14th

Return to the magic of Augusta in April 2019 for arguably the best golfing tournament on arguably the most beautiful golf course. The finest players in the world are coming together and golfers everywhere are going to be inspired in the weeks before and afterwards to take to the course. Now is the time to get the sales meetings on the green.

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ICC Cricket World Cup: May 30th - July 15th

There are two major events that cricket fans everywhere look forward to: the Ashes and the Cricket World Cup. The Australian team will be defending their title against the best players in the world. This is the event of the summer, and people will be cricket mad, spending their long summer evenings with the cricket bat and ball alongside the barbecue. You get the right promotional products and the right marketing campaign, your brand will become a magnet for fans of the tournament. This is exponentially increased with England being one of the favourites to win the trophy. England cricket fans may remember this summer for the rest of their lives. Make sure your brand is at the epicentre.

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FIFA Women's World Cup: June 7th - July 7th

the summer of 2018 was a huge occasion for the nation, not just football fans. This year, the Lionesses head to France to take on the defending champions, the USA. With the English team coming third in the 2015 tournament in Canada, can they improve on their position? Football fans are coming off the Champions League, the FA Cup and the Premier League. Their excirtement is high, and this tournament is a huge chance for you to market yourself as a company that is football mad.

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Wimbledon: July 1st - 14th

The third tennis major of the year and the home to excellence. Two weeks of sunshine, strawberries and watching the tennis all day every day, no matter who's playing. When everyone is focusing on Wimbledon, even a small association with tennis will do your marketing efforts wonders.

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Le Tour de France: July 6th - 28th

Every summer the bikes come out of the garage and people hit the roads more than ever before that year. There is no coincidence that Le Tour de France is on at the same time. Cyclists are everywhere and that is prime opportunity for you to maximise your brand exposure in promotional products but also connect with all these people on the road with a very strong interest in the same topic. There are fewer dedicated sportspeople in the world that that of the cyclists.

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British Open: July 18th - 21st

The Masters may arguably be the best golf tournament, but nothing builds excitement more than a competition on home soil. The golfers are back out on the course in force. Meetings on the golf course are going to be more frequent and the summer is perfect golfing weather. If you are doing a marketing campaign alongside another golf competition earlier in the year, this follow up is going to be even more of a success, with your name now firmly in people's minds.

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Rugby World Cup: September 20th - November 2nd

Potentially the largest sporting event of the year, don't think that this event is going to be ignored. Everyone from your competitors to the larger brands are going to make a huge marketing effort to be associated with rugby and draw in fans from everywhere using rugby as its theme. This is the biggest chance of the year for you, but also your competitors, so make sure you're not left out in the cold this Autumn.

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