Bottle Styles to Choose From

There are four main bottles that you can choose from:

  • Olympic
  • Energise
  • Apollo
  • Protein

The olympic bottles are defined by their finger grip, making it the perfect companion for athletes continually moving, as it's easier to grasp. The energise bottles are much smoother, having no grip. This is perfect for those gym-goers, as they fit nicely on the treadmill slots and even on the desk at the office. The Apollo bottle is something a little different in it's style and neon colours. The protein shake bottles are of course the most distinctive. The shakers are designed for one people in mind: the weighlifters. Coming with your choice of plastic mseh grill or wire mixing ball, you can make the perfect gym partner.

Bottle Sizes and Colours

Some bottles can only come in certain sizes and colous, so here we have listed them all for you to choose from.

  • 380cc - Translucent only.
  • 500cc - Translucent, white, metallic black, navy, silver, red, green, blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange, or can be made from a bio-translucent material.
  • 750cc - Translucent, white, metallic black, navy, cyan, red, green.
  • 10000cc - Translucent, white, metallic black, navy.
  • 500cc - Translucent, white.
  • 750cc - Translucent, white, neon yellow.
  • 550cc - Translucent, white, neon pink, neon yellow, neon orange.
Protein Shakers
  • 500cc - Translucent Only.
  • 700cc - Translucent Only.

Bottle Tops

The originial bottle tops to choose from are the puch-pull closure, and there are 27 different colour tops to choose from. Should you want a flip cap to top your bottle, you can choose bwteeen the colours of black, red, blue or white. Hygiene caps are also an available option, available in a black. These are erfect for team sports for bottles that are passed around, ot perhaps to someone whose sports includes wearing a gumshield, much like boxers or rugby players. Protein shake tops come in six different colours: black, yellow, red, blue, green and burgundy.


Print Areas

Each bottle is a different size, so naturally each bottle allows you to have a different area for which you can print your logo on.

  • 380cc - 90mm x 70mm.
  • 500cc - 100mm x 85mm
  • 750cc - 100mm x 130mm
  • 10000cc - 110mm x 150mm
  • 500cc - 100mm x 75mm
  • 750cc - 100mm x 100mm
  • 550cc - 100mm x 55mm
Protein Shakers
  • 500cc - 45mm x 55mm
  • 700cc - 45mm x 100mm

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