What is the official size of a football? Which balls are better for children to play with? The science of the football size guide is not a set rule, but here we offer our best advice you on your choice of football.

Football Size Chart

Football Type

Circumference (mm) Diameter (mm) Weight (g) Ideal Age Group

Size 5 (Standard)

685 - 695 218 - 221 420 - 445 13+

Size 4

635 - 660 202 - 210 350 - 390 8 - 12

Size 3

580 - 600 184 - 190 300 - 320 Under 8

Size 2

470 150    

Size 1

420 130 205  

Size 0 (Mini)

350 110    

The truth is that there is no official size guide for balls smaller than a size 4. Therefore, if these numbers look a little unfamiliar to you, it's entirely possible. These are the ball sizes that we provide. Children should be playing with size 3 balls and up, with the smaller balls occupying the roles along the likes of precision training, but also act as the typical giveaways, whether it be a competition or small corporate reward.

The varying weight can also be explainable due to ball's skin. If you want to get some match balls, they are designed to be thick, with 4 layers of skin. They can be kicked around all day without any trouble. Training and promotioanl balls have a thinner skin, meaning that they are less duarable, but are a cheaper investment.

Which balls should I get?

If you are a club, looking to make a solid investment in some balls to play with, then we strongly recommend you get the match balls. The last thing you want to do is have to replace your balls again in a year's time.

If you are looking for purely promotional purposes, then we recommend you look at either the full size promotional quality balls or the mini balls. Both are a captivating and eye-catching product. They are low cost, look exactly like the thicker skinned counterparts, and are most definitely likely to leave a lasting impression. The alternative is of course asking for some of our key rings.

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