First, a small note. This guide is meant to be just that, a guide. We are providing advice to help you on all possibilities, but if you want to discuss your requirements with one of us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Things to consider

The differences between the various types of ball fall into three characteristics. Firstly, the size, meaning the length of the ball when it is inflated.

Second thing to consider is the material the ball is made from – the differences are between those balls intended for use in a match or training and those balls used merely for promotional use – often appearing identical but not able to suffer the stresses of an actual match.

The third thing to think about is what kind of filling you want in the ball. Do you want ones you can pump up like a standard ball, or would you like something softer with a cotton filling?

Rugby ball size chart


Length (mm)

Girth (mm)

Weight (g)

Size 5

285 585 400

Size 4

275 555  

Size 3

255 540  


215 420 200


160 315 110

These are as accurate as can be, but what with slight changes in manufacturer, layers of skin on the ball (depending on match to promotional level quality), the figures can be just off. This really does provide a decent guide though should you want to pick a ball with specific dimensions. Remember size is even affected by the level of inflation.

Skin variations

Balls that are played with in matches are made of the typical synthtic rubber which has a dimpled surface. This is the standard, but there are different variations should you want them. That being said, we can provide the mini and midi balls in a smooth surface made of PVC or PU, the same materials that are used in footballs, giving it a shiny look. The shiny looks works well at displaying a brand clearly, but would be lacking if ever played with, as the smooth surafec makes it difficult to grip tightly.


Most balls are designed for inflation, much like a football have a bladder under the skin which can then be inflated with a standard ball pump. However, we can even provide balls that have a cotton filling. These are more solid, but also softer. They are also less likely to bounce around, the random bouncing of a rugby ball being one it's biggest problems.

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